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저희 회사는 각종 광물의 산업용 분체원료를 만드는데 필요한 Plant 설계 및 기계를 전문으로

하는 IVA Industrieberatung GmbH(독일)의 국내지사로서 1995년 설립되었습니다.


We were established in 1995 as a branch office in Korea for German IVA Industrieberatung

GmbH who has been the leading company for several decade concerning the plant engineering,

consulting as well as the supplying the machinery mainly used for the mineral processing.




주요 취급 품목으로는 각종 금속 및 비금속 광물의 원료 채광에서부터 최종제품의 개발분야까지

독일기술을 바탕으로 한 대고객 기술발전에 힘쓰고 있으며 분산기,분급기,코팅시스템,자동화,플랜트 설계 및 시공등 30여년간 축적된 독일 분체제조 Know How를 접목,국내의 1차 가공기술을 발전시키고 있습니다.


Our main activity has been the role for the customer to improve the technology from the raw

material to the final product in the mineral processing as the process of mining, grinding…and  finally marketing based on German technology.

And also we linked all know how of long experienced German technology to the customer in the field of dry and wet processing of metallic as well as non-metallic mineral including supplying

the individual machinery like mill,classifIer,coating systems….. and furthermore plant engineering,

,full automation and its installation with the maintenance.

Of course,we prefer to establish the whole plant from the feasibility study to the maintenance

After instalallation as a turn key base


주요 다루는 업무는



. 생산성 향상 & 현공정의 안정화

. 신제품 및 공정개발 지원

. 신공장 설치 및 기존공장의 수정


- Consulting the stabilization of the existing process and improving its productivity.

- Tightly assisting the customer to develop his new product(process)

- Engineering and installation for new or modification of the existing plant